About Us

Here we are in action... 'Stylists and Shoppers'

Here we are in action... 'Stylists and Shoppers'

'Stylists & Shoppers' create personalized shopping experiences accessible to all

Our Personal Stylists and Shoppers are experienced and professional individuals, coupled with Founder Carlene Noel's drive and passion their mission is to make Personal Styling and Shopping accessible to all. The team come from all walks of life, range in age, are both male and female who are competent working with brands from high-end to the high street.

There comes a time when we need a second opinion but struggle with where to find EXPERT and HONEST fashion, style and colour advice personal and unique to our needs which include body shape, size, personality, conscious areas, budget and time frame.

We scroll through Instagram for inspiration, flip through the aspirational fashion pages of Vogue arming ourselves with tips and tricks to embark on a shopping trip with our bestie. Hoping to find the perfect outfit in 1 of the 10 shops we visit, but end up leaving with nothing or something which is not quite right! Does this sound familiar? If so, you are in the right place!

Founder, Carlene Noel, has been a Personal 'Stylist & Shopper' for more than 16 years and has styled Celebrities, TV Personalities, Hollywood Actors, Royalty, Musicians, Pop Stars, Politicians, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Lawyers, Footballers and their Wives, New Mums, Working Mums, Mothers of the Bride, Mothers of the Groom, Widows, Divorcees, Bridesmaids, Brides, Directors and Transgender clients to name a few! For events such as award ceremonies, music videos, personal appearances, TV performances, magazine shoots, new jobs, weddings, funerals, first dates, graduation ceremonies but most commonly everyday life!

She is an experienced Fashion Stylist who has worked on fashion shoots for publications like Vogue Italia, I.D. Marie Claire, In Style, Black Book to name a few. Carlene also styled for John Rocha at LFW and for M&S first 2 commercials, her fashion experience spans music, fashion, commercial as well as Personal Styling and Shopping. Following 2 years as a Personal Shopper at Selfridges in London Carlene decided to launch out as a private Personal Stylist and Shopper and launched her services focusing initially within the Canary Wharf area. Not wanting to limit her services or those wanting to use them she expanded her territory and team to cater for all types of shoppers. Carlene is carving the new normal of what is means to have your own personal stylist and shopper with the launch of 'Stylists and Shoppers'. Her breadth of experience, knowledge, passion, drive and personality is second to none.

Whilst this is Carlene's vision, 'team work makes the dream work' and it's with the team of talented, stylish and personable 'Stylists and Shoppers' that work together to bring you this unique offering.

Whatever you may need a Stylist for be it updating your wardrobe, a store launch or a permanent fixture as part of your brand, 'Stylists and Shoppers' will provide you with the right fit.

There is no one Carlene and her team cannot style.