Can you do The Floss? Well Santa can, in our Christmas Jumper kids Special

Am I the only Mum who scrambles, searching high and low for a Christmas jumper the day before my Son needs it??? No! Oh good. Phew!!! I really have no excuse as I am in the stores EVERYDAY, so this year I decided to get my act together and start my search early for his festive jumper. Not only am I getting my act together but I have decided to share my findings with you so that you also will be ‘ahead of the game’.

Since starting nursery my Son has always taken part in Christmas jumper day however each year I have struggled to find one as I waited until last “This year is going to be different” I told myself and low and behold it was. Strolling through a store minding my own, there in the distance ‘THE ONE’ jumped out at me, it was Santa, doing ‘the floss’ on a jumper and I knew instantly this was the one for my boy ha ha

Santa ‘Flossing through the snow’ perfect for my boy

Santa ‘Flossing through the snow’ perfect for my boy

This jumper is SO COOL (for a 7 year old fortnite fan) so it got me wondering, what else is on offer now that I have more than 24 hours on my hands. So off I went on a Christmas jumper style hunt. First things first, you don’t have to spend much (usually I spend between £10-20 depending on the store) as realistically it wont fit them next year but if you plan on getting your monies worth over the festive period then spending a bit more can be justified! These are my Stylist ‘top picks’ for boys! Prices start as little as £7.99

Above pictures credit: H&M

H&M is a favourite of mine for boys clothes but there are many other cool jumpers available from high street to high end and here are my top picks

Above picture credits: Harrods, Primark, Next, H&M and Marks and Spencer

As the Mother of a boy it is so refreshing to see the range of Christmas jumper options available for boys, some classic, some cool, some cheesy and many cheeky. Below are my top picks for girls, how nice to see to see some pink and not all red, a knitted festive dress and the obvious, sequins and unicorns.

Above picture credits: Next, Primark, Marks and Spencer and H&M

The choice of hair accessories for girls was a welcomed festive twist especially if you prefer not to go for a jumper option or perhaps to add with a jumper, after all, more is more in my books!!!

And for the animal lovers, Christmas jumpers come in dog size to so no need for your canines to be left out in the cold! See what I did there ;)

Match your dog with the family!

Match your dog with the family!

The earlier you shop the more choice you have it’s as simple as that. Start looking mid-end of November, you can choose from the best of the bunch to keep the kids happy! My Son is over the moon with the flossing Santa… I just need to go and purchase now :/

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