Book your FREE 'Stylists and Shoppers' session

I bet you did not you know you can book a FREE session with one of our Stylists and Shoppers!

We have a team based in the Personal Stylist Lounge at intu Lakeside shopping centre, Essex, who offer FREE 2 - 3 hour pre booked appointments. Before you ask, YES! it is really FREE.  And NO there is no minimum spend, obligation or pressure to purchase.

Our Stylists and Shoppers will make sure you have a successful shopping trip whatever you are looking for! Not only is our service there FREE but it is also independent which means you can trust that we are going to give you honest advice and only take you to the shops which we think are right for you! We are not tied to any particular shops, so if you like jeans from Topshop, T-shirts from Zara, shoes from Office, underwear from Victoria Secrets, beauty at House of Fraser and perfume from Jo Malone, your Stylist will make sure you visit all those shops during your appointment but will also introduce you to some new ones too!

The process is simple, non judgemental and will be the most productive 2/3 hours you can spend shopping. The appointment starts with a consultation with your Stylist and Shopper, they use this time to get to know all about you, your personality, your sizes, your body shape, your budget, where you like to shop, any conscious areas etc. Once they have established your needs they will create a shopping trip tailored towards finding what is best for you. They will then take you to these stores and put together outfits based on what you discussed, whatever you like you buy directly with the stores.

Depending on whether you are looking for 1 outfit, a wardrobe update, a makeover, bridesmaids dresses, prom dress, suit for a wedding or some accessories to complete a look, each appointment lasts between 2-3 hours long and usually ends up back in the lounge where your Stylist makes a list of your purchases while you fill out some feedback.

When you shop with us it's like shopping with a friend but a really cool, stylish friends that has the best advice, fashion tips and knows exactly where to shop to find what you need.

Click here to book a session at intu Lakeside shopping centre.