Follow our 3 TOP TIPS to looking good!

We want to share our 3 TOP secrets to always looking good!  

1. Dress for your shape and not against it!

2. Wear colours which work with your colouring and not against it!

3. Wear the correct underwear

It sounds simple enough right, but do you actually follow these tips? When you go out shopping is your body shape the first thing you consider when you choose an item to try? And is the tone of your skin even a second thought when you choose an item in the trend colour of the season?  If not, it should be!

Our Stylists and Shoppers are not about sticking to rules, do's and don't or a one size fits all approach. We take all our clients as they are... individual & unique and we understand that what may work for one person may not work for another, even if they are the same sizes.  

We ask each client if they know what body shape they are, more times than not, the answer is no! Then it is no wonder people get frustrated whilst out shopping! We are all guilty of shopping for clothing we like but not always choosing clothing 'that likes us'! Meaning, we like an item but it may not suit our shape yet the items that would suit us we never try due to lack of 'hanger appeal' and knowledge of our shapes. 

Take me for example, I love boyfriend style jeans; I love the slouchy look they create and the idea of teaming them up with a smarter top, jacket and kitten heeled shoes! But I can tell you now, if you saw me dressed in this combo you would most definitely question my Stylist abilities. Boyfriend style jeans are just not for my shape so I stay away as much as I love them! I have accepted they are better on others than myself. And that's ok!

The same goes for colour, most clients are not aware of which colours suit them. Most if not all are desperate to know how far they can take colour without looking like a walking rainbow! We used to have a girl who worked with us who was convinced she was just very pale! She had blonde hair, fair skin, fair eyelashes and eyebrows and bright blue eyes - a beauty! But in order to make herself feel less pale she used to wear ALL BLACK everyday! Now, what she did not realise in fact was that she was working against her natural colouring! Teaming black with a fair skin tone only enhances the fairness and also even the darkness in the black. After giving her a colour consultation she soon learned that choosing colours similar to her tone rather than against it is what worked. Let's just say pastels are her new 'go to'.

Would you build a house if the foundation wasn't laid correctly? No! So why would you wear a gorgeous outfit if you are not wearing the correct underwear? You just wouldn't, right?! I agree.  I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you are wearing a correctly fitted bra and if necessary those all important magic knickers.  If you are conscious of any lumps, bumps or post baby tummy, magic knickers are an instant way to build confidence as they smooth out any unwanted  lines under clothing. If you have tried them before but find them uncomfortable my advice would be to try a different size or style - works every time. My first choice brand would be Spanx, then Marks and Spencer then Primark.

So the next time you are out shopping and a piece of clothing grabs your attention ask yourself 'will this work on my body shape and will this colour work with my skin tone'? If you answered YES to BOTH you are already winning and off to the fitting room you go!