Personal Styling


What to expect:

Shopping with our Stylists can be compared to shopping with a fabulous friend who knows what suits you and where you should shop. Learning about you is our main priority as this is synonymous with how we choose the right clothes for you. We start with a detailed consultation to establish your needs, likes, dislikes, brand preferences, personality, body shape, budgets etc. Our Stylists are personable, patient and non-judgemental so do not be concerned about being honest or feeling judged. There is not much we haven’t seen or heard before! Choose from one of our popular packages below or contact us with any bespoke requests.

Once we have established your needs there are several ways we can shop with or for you.

Shop together

Shopping with one of our Stylists can be compared to shopping with a fabulous friend who knows all the hot
Dependent on where you live, your favourite shopping destination or our recommendation we will embark on a shopping trip together


After your initial consultation, your Stylist will pre-select clothing for you so that when you arrive a selection of clothing will be already chosen. All that is left for you to do is try and buy whatever you like.

Stylist shop

Your Stylist will shop on your behalf putting together outfits as per your consultation and will personally deliver these to you.


Our Stylists are equipped with technology to shop with you online from the comfort of your home, office or even the other side of the world. Book an online slot and watch how your Stylist puts your outfits together and presents you the clothes in true HD so you can see before you purchase. coming soon


Special Occasion

If you have a special occasion approaching and are struggling with 'what to wear' or you want help to stand out from the crowd, our Stylists will help you achieve your desired look. With our knowledge on what is in stores NOW and which shapes, styles and colours you should be wearing, we are confident we will make you look and feel the part.

seasonal selection

To feel ready for a new season sometimes all you need is a few key pieces to update our wardrobe. If you already own investment pieces but need an injection of the new season to make your wardrobe current, our Stylists will work with what you already have and source those few key missing pieces to complete your looks. This package is perfect for a Spring/Summer or Autumn Winter wardrobe update.

Make over

When 'life' happens wardrobes usually require change. Whether you are a Mother who has lost her way, a recently divorced man who no longer has a wife to purchase his clothing, lost/gained weight or has an approaching milestone age - whatever your story we are hear to listen and translate your needs into the desired wardrobe which will suit your lifestyle! Your Stylist will do all the work and create a new look perfect for you!

wardrobe declutter

If you have never had a working wardrobe, where you actually wear everything in there on a regular basis, then you have NEVER LIVED my friend! Gone are the days when having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear is a thing! If this is STILL you in 2018... it's time to declutter. Our Stylists will be brutal but always nice and only advise based on your sartorial needs. Now is the time to be 'out with the old and in with the new'.

It starts with underwear

It's said that 8/10 wear the wrong bra size which I concur is correct if our clients are anything to go by! Either they have never been measured OR have guessed their sizes which commonly translates to an 'A' cup if they think they are small or 'DD' if they think they are big! Do you know there are many many more letters in the alphabet which relate to back size? haha Let our Stylists determine your true bra size as starting with a dodgy foundation is not smart for building anything on, even a wardrobe! We also advise on control underwear.

Shopping parties

Let us organise a shopping trip for your tweens, teens, hens or social group. We can organise everything from a make up make over to afternoon tea around window/light shopping with friends. This package is best for social fashion lovers who want to incorporate fashion, style and shopping as part of a special day.

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