Stylists and Shoppers offer bespoke and pre-designed packages to individuals, retailers, brands and corporate clients.



A personal stylist is someone who defines your personal style and/or finds you outfits for everyday life to special occasions. This service is no longer reserved for the rich and famous, Stylists and Shoppers are ensuring that having your very own Stylist accessible to all. Our Stylists will make sure you leave looking and feeling like the best version of YOU!



Have your very own team of independent 'Stylists and Shoppers' reside within your Centre. In a time where customers do not have to leave their homes or work spaces to shop, why not give them a reason to want to visit your Centre.


Know what you want but cannot find it? Looking for that sought after ‘IT’ item but cannot track it down? Need to buy gifts but no time to shop? Well our Shoppers are here to manage all areas of your shopping dilemmas, just email us the list and we’ll do our very best to have your items found, shopped and delivered to you.



We support retailers, brands and boutiques by providing 'Stylists and Shoppers' to host or attend fashion, style and shopping related events. Send us your brief and we'll provide a bespoke solution tailored to your brand’s needs.




Our Fashion Stylists are experienced in all areas of fashion which include editorial, video, commercial, television, wardrobe, live performances, wardrobe, celebrity, photo shoots, prop/set styling, and can work alongside your creative team or independently to fulfil your brief. With long standing relationships with PR's, Designers and boutiques we select a range of clothing and accessories for your project.


We have talented presenters and hosts as part of our Stylists and Shoppers family. Hosting and presenting fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics is what we know, love and are passionate about. Experienced in creating cool content independently or working alongside your team means we are flexible to get the job done creatively and give your viewer what they want.